Kawaii Dinosaur Desk Clock


Looking to cheer up your office?  Look no further!

We absolutely love this friendly little alarm clock sitting on our study desk!  

Made of soft pastel coloured silicone material, your new friend can display the time, date and temperature as well as allowing you to set 2 different alarm times in one day.  


- USB charging with low battery warning and built in lithium battery to keep time when out of charge.

- noise or touch activated light up screen when in power saving mode

- timer to set night light for up to 60 minutes

- tap clock to snooze alarm

- sunrise and sunset function.  Set your sunrise time for the coloured light to gradually get brighter from 0% to 100%. At sunset the warm white lights gradually dim until completely turned off.

- 4 ring tones and adjustable volume for alarm

- ideal as a children's night light and sleep training clock